For a Blessing


My name is “Blessing.” I am eighteen months old and I was born in Liberia, West Africa. Even though I’m not old enough to read or write, my heart holds a lot of pain and memories. And my story is not unlike many young girls here my country.


We are victims of a post war culture that hides crimes against us and yet we are often too small to articulate our abuse. Many of us are raped at very young ages, even before the age of ten. Some of us are forcibly removed from our homes in an attempt to put us through a “womanhood” process that includes female circumcision.


Others of us are abandoned or may become victims of sex trafficking. We need an advocate, we need someone who cares and knows our culture and how to help us recognize our worth in a community of violence and neglect.


Please meet our “Mommie…Rosy.” Ma Rosy is our advocate, she fights and cares for us, she sees our future as bright and invites others to to partner in our success. She founded Touching Humanity in Need of Kindness, Inc. (“THINK”). Through THINK, we are given a safe place away from our abusers.


THINK provides us with housing, education and training. Ma Rosy and her team show us the true hands and feet of Jesus. We see love and hope through real service and caring.


Please, it’s not too late for me, and others like me. Ma Rosy and THINK currently don’t have enough room to take in others who are in danger, but their recent Epic Award Nomination gives us hope that our story will be heard. The nomination gives us another platform in which our small voices can echo just a little further and a little louder. This nomination means recognition of our story, recognition of our needs and recognition that Ma Rosy is a continual servant to us.

So, from me and all of those that I represent, thank you Epic Awards for giving us a chance.




Launch of Anti-Rape Campaign in Monrovia, Liberia

            The official launch of the Anti Rape Campaign with the Theme: “Stand Up Against Rape” was organized by the Ministry of Gender and Development and the United Nations Joint Programme, with support from the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA). Other government ministries like the Ministry of Justice, Health & Social Welfare, Education, and Internal Affairs. Other stakeholders participating in the event were Diplomats from the United States of America, and Sweden and the Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG) of the UN, the President Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate and the Representative of District #9 of Montserrado County.  The Gender Based Violence Task Force members, Alpha Phi Alpha, Traditional leaders, Religious leaders, Women’s Groups, Men’s Groups, the Children’s Representative Forum, Civil Society Organizations, Cultural performers and Liberian Musicians, tow of whom were named the Rape Ambassadors, Takun J and Cultural Ambassador, Julie E. Tarpeh.
A highlight of the launch was the statement and lighting of Candles in memory of GBV survivors and Children who have died as a result of Rape.

Special Guests

As if celebrating THINK’s 10 anniversary was not exciting enough, this past week we received a few very special guests! We were honored to host members from Africare, representatives from IB Liberia and Exxon Mobil, and especially the President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.  Our guests got a chance to meet the 25 girls that are currently enrolled in THINK’s 9 month rehabilitation program and to tour the THINK home in Monrovia.

This special visit, and the enthusiasm that the President expressed for the THINK program, has made our tenth anniversary that much more special. We hope that the next ten years bring even more involvement in the community, advocating for those who would otherwise have no advocate. To find out more particulars about what THINK does, visit our info page about the THINK homes at:

Valentine’s Day: One Billion Rising

This year THINK is linking arms with one billion people on Valentine’s Day!

The global event was created by, which encourages advocates all over the world to create active events on Valentine’s Day in order to raise awareness about violence against women.

THINK has chosen to create a 5K Walk/Run in Monrovia that will boast guests such as the rapper TAKUN J and the former Miss Liberia, Miss Patrice Juah.

This Valentine’s Day help promote this amazing cause by posting to your favorite social media outlet about One Billion Rising and THINK’s 5K Walk/Run in Monrovia!





Olivia’s Story

One of the major goals of THINK, Inc. is to be the voice for those who often cannot speak up for themselves. In Liberia, this often looks like speaking out for young girls who have become victims of Gender Based Violence(GBV). Olivia was one of those victims.

When her case was reported to the GBV UNIT, Olivia was only 7 years old. Her father abandoned her family when she was six, so her mother and sister went to live with relatives. Her uncle made a habit of raping her which led to traumatic bleeding. She could not control her bladder nor her bowels. Her mother was a silent spectator as she had nowhere to go and no one to support her family.

Many months later,  a relative discovered what had taken place and immediately took Olivia to Monrovia and reported to the Ministry of Gender and Development. She was admitted to a hospital and underwent several surgeries for the fistula that had developed.

Olivia passed away about two months ago at the young age of 12.

“Before her death, she had narrated her nightmare as part of a campaign against child rape. Olivia is no more but her voice will continue to be heard as the campaign to end child rape in Liberia intensifies.” -UN

Listen to Olivia’s story HERE